Garden Club Builds Worm Cafe

(Originally posted on October 5, 2011)

Week 3 – Building the Worm Cafe

Blanketing the worms with newspaper in the Worm Cafe

On Thursday our little gardeners learned about how worms can break down food scraps and turn them into castings (worm poop) which is an excellent soil amendment to help plants grow up healthy and strong.

Our eager 5th graders started out by soaking a block of coconut fiber in water to break it up and create bedding for the worms in

Assembled Worm Cafe

the bottom layer of the worm cafe. Next they each took a handful of red wiggler worms and introduced them to their new home. A layer of food scraps from their lunches were fed to the worms and then these 1000 worms were tucked into bed with a blanket of torn up newspaper. Lastly, the roof of their home (cafe lid) was placed placed on top to shelter them from light and wind.


Two more layers of this cafe (more like a worm apartment building) were put on top for the worms to eventually work their way up to.

Next week – more on feeding our red wigglers, checking in on our spinach and radishes and a tour of Mrs. Stanford’s organic backyard garden complete with tips on how to use the worm castings from our cafe and compost from her tumbleweed compost bin!


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