Garden Club – Plans for Growth

(Originally posted on October, 27, 2011)

Garden Club Week 6 – Planning for Growth

This week our Sycamore Garden Club members made a sign to announce the school garden space and acknowledge the hands, hearts and minds that helped create our our Living Wall, Worm Composting Cafe and Earthboxes.

Sycamore Garden Club Sign

With the help of Manuel, our custodial engineer on campus, the Garden Club sign now adorns the top of the Living Wall.

Hanging the Garden Club Sign

After making the sign, our gardeners checked on the radishes and spinach in our Earthboxes. They are growing slower than expected, so we may have to add on a week before we are able to harvest them. Next, gardeners watered the Living Wall and Earth Boxes and headed over to the kindergarten quad for a look at a space Mrs. Lawrence and I thought would be a great spot to extend our School Garden with a combination of in-ground and raised beds.

Watering the Pansies and Climbing Jenny on the Living Wall

As the students studied this sunny, vacant space, Mrs. Lawrence captured their ideas of how to to turn it into a beautiful garden. Some ideas included an entryway of lemon trees to make lemonade, a path of stepping stones, a waterfall, a pumpkin patch, herbs, veggies, a pond with fish in it and grape vines growing up the fence. What creative ideas! All these wonderful ideas will be incorporated into a proposal for the Garden Club with the help of community partners and parent volunteers to turn the space into just that – a beautiful, educational respite for the Sycamore Valley Community.

Proposed site for School "In Ground" Garden

As we wrapped up this week’s meeting, Mrs. Lawrence and I were so pleased to find this cute, little lady bug visiting our garden. What a great science lesson in drawing additional members (small but important) into our learning environment.

Ladybug visits Living Wall

Next week is our last week of garden club. We will wrap things up by making and eating a delicious dip made with the spinach and radishes we have grown!


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