Garden Club Plants Living Wall

(Originally posted on October 21, 2011)
Week 5 – Planting the Living Wall

vertical wall of autumn color

What a fun time the 5th grade gardeners and I had this week planting this vertical garden of live color outside the Multipurpose Room on the Sycamore Valley Elementary school campus.

wrapping up pansy roots with a black, felt "diaper"

The smiles on the kids faces were priceless as they wrapped up their pansies and climbing jenny into these black felt squares that we laughingly called “black diapers.”

plants "diapered" and ready to plant

The felt holds the roots securely together and holds in moisture when the plant is tucked into it’s pouch on the vertical wall.

Tucking plants in pouches on the wall

The kids tucked their plants into the 48 felt pouches on the wall and learned how to water them with hose using the “shower” setting on the nozzle. Each pouch needs a drink to the count of of 3. All members of the club will take turns watering the living wall as well as the Earthboxes according to a schedule set up by Mrs. Lawrence, our 4-5th grade science teacher and my partner on this wonderful project.

School garden outside MPR

As we hung the living wall units, we realized we can also water the Earthboxes with the water that drips out of the bottom row of pouches. This is an excellent lesson of water conservation which Mrs. Lawrence and I will discuss next week!

Along with planting our vertical garden, the kids also fed the worms in the Worm Cafe with their apple cores and banana peels from lunch and checked on their radishes and spinach growing in the Earthboxes. The green radish tops are in full view, but the spinach is not quite as far along. Just a few sprigs of green have poked their heads through the soil so far.

A big shout out to Plants on Walls ( in San Francisco for their generous support with our Living Wall project.


2 thoughts on “Garden Club Plants Living Wall

  1. Hi Mrs. Lawrence! I am planting orange, grape, and Lamqaut plants in my backyard! I wanted to pizzazz it up with a living wall! I need some suggestions for how to plant them.

    • Hi This is Angela Stanford, the writter of this blog who teaches Garden Club at Sycamore with Mrs. Lawrence. Neither of us have experiene with growing tomatoes in the living wall, and I suspect with their expansive root systems, tomatoes would not thrive in this setup. You can of course email Chris at to see what he has to say.

      A successful alternative that I can offer you is to plant your tomatoes in and Earthbox as shown on the blog with the Garden Club. Tomatoes of all varieties produce very well in these boxes and they are also convenient for smaller spaces and patio gardens. You only need one or two plant to produce dozens of these delicious summer fruits! Have fun with your garden!

      Healthy Food, Healthy You!

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