Garden Club Plants Seeds of Learning

(Originally  posted on September 25, 2011)

Week 2 – Planting our Earthboxes

Garden club students plant radish seeds in Earthbox

This week, garden club students at Sycamore Elementary planted radish and spinach seeds into two Earthboxes that will be ready for harvest in just 6 weeks! They also learned that spinach and radishes are great seasonal choices to plant in fall in our Northern California climate, but are not necessarily the best choice for other fall climates across the country. They also learned that other veggies like the tomatoes and basil they ate last week grow better in very warm temperatures in the season of summer, but will not grow well or produce fruit if planted in our cooler autumn weather.

Planting spinach seeds into organic soil

Along with planting seeds, these 5th graders learned the different parts of a plant and shared examples of some of their favorite foods of these parts – root (carrot), stem (celery), leaf (spinach), blossom (cauliflower), fruit (strawberry), seeds (sunflower seeds).

After all the seeds were sown, the kids reviewed the watering schedule set up by Mrs. Lawrence to know when each member is responsible for watering the Earthbox over the next 6 weeks.

Along with all the planting and watering fun, these little gardeners also tried nature’s chewing gum ( a mint leaf) from my garden. It was great fun to see that the majority of the kids chew on this “all natural chewing gum” and that nearly half of them wanted a second leaf!

Next week we will set up our Worm Cafe!


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