Garden Club Tours Backyard Garden

(Originally posted on October 6, 2011)
Week 4 – Backyard Garden Tour

This week during our lunchtime garden club, our 5th grade gardeners feed their lunch scraps to red wiggler worms and then took a field trip to my backyard garden to explore what is happening in for fall.

We talked about how the early summer tomatoes, peppers, green beans, snap peas and peppers are all gone and now the chard, spinach and radishes I planted a couple of weeks ago are poking their heads through the soil and will produce a bounty in 6 weeks or until the first hard frost. The heirloom tomato we planted in the Earth Box up at the school on Earth Day is still producing fruit due to the late arrival of summer heat and will continue to do so for a couple more weeks as long as there is sun.

Enjoying the smell of lavender

The kids also got rub their hands in the fragrant lavendar and touch the green meyer lemons that will turn yellow over winter producing the most delicous fruit in early March.

Angela shows gardeners how the Tumbleweed Composter works

Lastly, we visited the compost bin and loaded up my Tumbleweed compost bin with food scraps form my kitchen and gave it a spin. Mrs. Lawrence and I explained the difference between how the composter operates compared to the worm cafe we assembled last week.

We are not meeting next week due to parent-teacher conferences. When we return on the 17th, we will be planting our living wall!

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