Garden Club Plants Pizza Garden

Week 2 – Planting our Earthboxes

Garden Club with Pizza Gardens in Earthboxes

This week our 4rth grade garden club students planted tomatoes and herbs into two Earthboxes that will be harvested and used to make pizza for all to enjoy!

After planting two different varieties of organic tomatoes, these little gardeners also learned that the tomatoes will be staked so they can crawl up and reach for the sun so they don’t cast shade on their neighboring herbs in the box that do not grow as tall.   These plants will require a minimum of 8 hours of full sun each day to thrive and produce plenty of food for our garden club pizza feast!

planting herbs around the tomato

The black cover on top of the box, attracts the sun and heat and holds in moisture.  The kids likened it to a shower cap for the plants, however this shower cap helps keep moisture in rather than out.  🙂

The kids gave the seedlings a little drink to get them started, but the Earthbox contains a reservoir at the bottom to hold water, so the plants always have access to it as they naturally reach down into the soil to drink from it.

A big shout out to Dustin and the rest of the team at Sloat Garden Center in Danville for their continued support of our school garden project!

Next week we will will plant our Living Wall!


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