About Us

Our Mission

Vital Nutrition & WellnessTM was created to spread the word about the importance of healthy eating and the power our food choices make to our health and the health of the earth.

We teach people about where their food comes from, the power food has to make each of us vibrantly healthy and strong, and how to nourish the earth so it can continue to feed us and our children for generations to come.

What We Do

Vital Nutrition & Wellness markets, develops and delivers food and nutrition education programs to adults, children and community groups about healthy eating, sustainable gardening & food sourcing, and the importance of physical activity.  Vital Nutrition & Wellness also coaches individuals and families seeking support while making lifestyle changes including weight loss, digestive issues, allergies and improving physical fitness.


  • Marketing Food Nutrition and Wellness
  • Eating Healthy and Sustainably
  • Weight Loss Coaching
  • Lifestyle Changes including allergies
  • Recipe and Menu Development
  • Starting Home and School Gardens

For more information on upcoming classes, private consults or coaching visit www.vitalandwell.com




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